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Rural Gunnison ~ North of Town


Traveling north from Gunnison the valley opens up to luch ranchland, some of which has been divided into subdivisions ranging from 2+ acres to 35+ acres.  these cater to those who deisre more land than a 1/4 acre in a more populated subdivision.

Ohio Creek and the Gunnison River run through many of these properties

Two of the more established subdivisions are Ohio Meadows and Gunnison River Filing. They are built out but there are usually several homes for sale. Some of the more recent subdivisions are a mix of unsold lots and those with homes.  They include West Elk Ridge, Fox Meadows, and Horse River Ranch. Within these subdivisions is an opportunity to build your custom home or move into an existing home.

There are also traditional subdivisions where the lots are smaller and have a rural feel to them. These include Riverwalk Estates, Spring Meadows, North Elk Meadows and Sierra Vista Estates. From any of these subdivisions the usual commute to Gunnison is 15 minutes or less.

Further north are 2 distinct watersheds, the Ohio Creek drained and the Gunnison River drainage.  Ohio Creek is one of the most scenic areas on the Western Slope of Colorado with Aspen and Conifer forests, lush high mountain meadows filled with summertime wildflowers, big snows in winter and vistas of hte Rocky Mountains. 

Three of the subdivisions with larger lots in the upper ohio Creek Valley are Star Mountain Ranch, Wilderness Streams and Eagle Ridge Ranch all having view hseds that include the West Elk Wilderness, Red & Flat Top Mountains and the mountains south of Crested Butte.

Along the Gunnison River between Gunnison and Almont is an outstanding subdivision that caters primarily to thefishing enthusiast, Gunnison River Banks. 

Cranor Acres, Cottonwood Meadows, Ponderoas Park, North Valley, Mitzels Green Acres and Womble Tracts are also located in the corridor between Gunnison and Almont.  From Almont up the Taylor River to Taylor Park Reservoir is world class fishing. There is limited private holdings, but what is available is spectacular.  Also in that area is Spring Creek with its plentiful cabins, many of which have been owned by the same family for generations.  As you can see there are vast opportunities for primary homes, second homes and investment properties north of Gunnison.